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Picture of MargoHello!

My name is Margo Cavis.  This is my store.
I am an artist, photographer and videographer, living in Seattle, WA. I am really passionate about diving and the underwater world. This passion influences all my work.

In 2018, I was working a very stressful job as the Creative Director for a start-up company. Then during a very needed diving vacation to Roatan I had a spontaneous dissected carotid artery. By some miracle, I did not have a stroke – I was on a live-aboard, away from land, so that would have made things bad… and if it had happened underwater – it could have been even worse! In fact, I did not even know what had happened until I got home. But, during the trip I had been having headaches and I noticed my right eye was not opening as much as the left during the last few days, so I went to the doctor as soon as possible when I got home.

Margo Cavis underwaterAs soon as I got the news and was given my restrictions for the 6 months of healing time, I knew I could not continue working where I was. So, I took some time to heal. After a while, when I was feeling better, I began to spend more time painting. I decided I needed to use my creative energy to do art that I am passionate about!  I had been thinking about starting my own business, but I did not have any money, that’s when I discovered print to order services. So I began experimenting with products and designs. It took a while to get it all figured out, especially since I have done everything myself.

Every design on this site is completely unique and created by me. I also put together this online store that is constantly being added to and updated, and I work to keep up with my Instagram and Facebook posts – for both this site and my fine art.

I originally had scuba divers in mind when creating many of my designs, but I think they can appeal to just about anyone – especially any type of water enthusiast. I want to make really fun, unique imagery with rich colors, that also mean something to me and anyone else who is passionate about marine life and the environment. 

Margo Cavis gallery showIf you want to know more about me or my work, check out one of my other websites:

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Facebook – Margo Cavis

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